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Testimonials of Rexburg Piano Moms, Dads, and Students

Not only was it a fantastic experience, but also I did get out of it exactly what I signed up for, jazz improvisation and ear training. I would definitely recommend Jonathan to other adults that are looking to pick back up their piano skills. I chose "playing" and not "taking lessons," very consciously, because Jonathan's jazzy, improvisational, and playful teaching style has made the lessons more like creative play and a labor of love than lessons for my boys. They are both progressing and mastering the basics, including ear training, sight reading, and theory, but also delight in composing music with him often.

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Jonathan's sense of humor, with its whimsy and sense of fun, is a riff of its own, just like his music. That is why my older son asked him 'Why can't I live with you?

Learning Piano to Get Laid (with Bo Burnham)

He is a very nice guy with a great sense of humor that makes the piano lessons even more enjoyable -- not to mention more productive! I highly recommend him. I am very glad to have found Jonathan as an instructor for studying piano. Out of all the teachers our son has had, Jonathan is far and away his favorite.

Lessons mix technique, theory, scales, improvisation and songs; genres include classical, jazz, rock, pop and more. Jonathan can play anything and more than that, can teach anything! Jonathan respects his students and teaches to their ability—lessons are fun and fast moving, yet demanding. I would whole-heartedly recommend Jonathan to students of all levels.

He tailors his lessons specifically to fit my son's interests and talents and quirks, he knows how to inspire him, make music fun for him, when to push him forward and when to let him take the lead. I couldn't imagine a better piano teacher for my, or anyone's child.

Each grew musically because Jonathan adapted each lesson to their individual needs. They can all play a variety of styles of music and have even been encouraged to compose their own. Piano skills are subtley covered and supported without my children dreading scales and practising. He has instilled a love for learning music in my child. They connect on this musical level and my son looks forward to his lesson each week where he is able to express his musical and sometimes comical side with Jonathan.

While I'm not a "new" person I'm a pretty new player and the variety of music I've learned has kept it interesting and challenging. We've worked on classical pieces, Beatles, bluegrass and jazz and blues. He's taught me a lot of theory as well as practical technique. And how to practice. The past few years have changed the way I listen to music.

One is studious and serious, the other artistic and dreamy. Both have loved going to lessons. Both girls feel that Jonathan teaches them more than just reading music. He teaches them to appreciate the music and they both have learned about different genres of music such as blues, folk, and jazz that they may not have been exposed to otherwise. He also encourages them at their own level so the process is stress-free.

I am impressed that one teacher could appeal to and inspire two such different personalities!

What learning piano in my twenties taught me — and why you should try it

You don't just teach, you inspire and I knew that's what would happen. Not only do I now play Beethoven better than Melvin, the Shitzu down the block, in spite of my incapacity to practice more than once a month, but my children have developed both a competency at the piano and a love for and comprehension of music that I can only envy. Jonathan is a pleasure to be around, my children and I adore him, he makes the learning fun and exciting, and I have watched my children go on to be life-long music lovers largely because of his talents as a teacher.

It's hard to imagine doing better than Jonathan. They now play quite beautifully and we cannot imagine our home without our piano. They hate to practice, of course, but they can't seem to walk past the piano without giving it a play. Jonathan has been an enthusiastic and engaging teacher who goes out of his way to tailor his lessons to the needs of the kids, to keep them interested and also to have fun.

CPTP168: The Ultimate Piano Teaching Conference: Piano Pivot Live 2020

By exposing the girls to an array of musical genres, from Pop to Classical to Jazz to American Standards, our girls have not only learned how to play, but are developing an appreciation for all types of music. We look forward to continuing their musical education with Jonathan! Jonathan Segal is not only a piano teacher, he is also an accomplished performer.

I highly recommend Jonathan Segal as a piano teacher and performance coach. He has helped him with his singing and performing ability. He looks forward to his lesson every week. Most gigs are also short in nature, often lasting a maximum of 2 hours. Pianists also need to be versatile in different musical styles which may not be comfortable for classical pianists especially. For those who want to try their hand at gigs, but in the classical style, freelance accompanying may be just right for you. This involves performing music with other chamber musicians.

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Every year high schools and middle school has performance examinations which require those students to have an accompanist. On a more professional level, you could make a substantial amount of income by collaborating with well-known musicians in the area. The tough thing with freelance accompanying is that it takes a lot of effort to maintain your income stream. Pianists have to constantly look for playing opportunities.

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Some of the accompanying positions only last for a short time which is not ideal. My advice would be to try and build up as many residual performance opportunities as possible. As you build your network of people to play with, stay in contact with them regularly so that you are always the first pianist to get offered the job. Also be as flexible as possible. Most freelance accompanists get their start because another pianist was unavailable to fill the position, to begin with. With each successful performance come more credibility, and helps you become the preferred option anytime someone needs a pianist.

Acquiring management as a solo concert pianist can be tough. The field is very competitive, and unless you win a major competition, it will be tough to land a deal. Thankfully, you do not need an agent or management team in order to make a career out of playing the piano.

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  • For those just getting started with booking solo concerts, you could start with a local school or church. Many churches have yearly concert series and they are always looking for fresh talent to book. A simple email to the church administration can get you started there. The nice thing with churches is that even if they cannot afford your booking fee, they will be more than willing to do a freewill offering for your services.

    2. Sell Samples to Other Artists

    This means that concert patrons can donate whatever amount they want for your services. Most cities have local performing arts organizations who curate talent on a consistent basis. Many times they can actually get you booked into some of the bigger venues in the area through their brand.

    On an international scale, getting into the bigger venues for a solo concert can be tough without representation. This is where your ambition has to come into play. Start off by making a list of all of the major venues you would like to perform at. Time has changed and teaching piano should adjust to the change as well. My passion is to create a well rounded,competent musician and for them to love music! It would be great to see a student who can play any type of music classical, pop, jazz, etc in any type of situation in a big concert hall,family gathering or just with friends, place of worship or piano in the school hall, etc.

    I believe that music makes this world a better place! I offer a personalized learning experience designed to accommodate students in an engaging and fun way to learn to play the piano. We will have a great time together that you or your child will come to the lesson because they or you enjoy it , this way the life long love of music will be instilled and benefits from learning music come a long with it.

    Let us start the musical journey together! One can agree with what Beethoven said above, music can also make you laugh, dance, feel nostalgic,stronger,relax any kind of effect that music can do to us can be beneficial at the end. The quality material - curated and carefully prepared by experts - has achieved great results in the past. So,here are some of the benefits of learning music,that might interest you:. Research by John Hopkins University has shown that playing an instrument requires more of the brain than regular every-day activities, which, overtime, leads to musicians having a stronger, more diverse neural structure than non-musicians.

    By learning an instrument or listening to a song, individuals will naturally increase their intellectual curiosity about music and perhaps even life in general. For example, after hearing a song, a student may become curious as to how that song was made and thus desire to learn an instrument. Or an advanced student may be curious as to why certain notes sound pleasant when they are played together. Furthermore, they may then become interested as to why some chords sound sad. The intellectual avenues that can be explored are about as infinite as music itself.

    Fine Tunes Auditory Skills. For example, students and individuals that spend a considerable amount of time listening and playing music will often have a sharper sense of hearing and are better able to predict and follow patterns.