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This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Review : Early next century Prabhir spends his childhood on a small Indonesian island where his biologist parents are investigating anomalous butterflies: "The butterfly--a female twenty centimetres across, with black and iridescent-green wings-- clearly belonged to some species of swallowtail: the two hind wings were tipped with long, narrow 'tails' or 'streamers'.

But there were puzzling quirks How could this one species of swallowtail been isolated longer than any other butterfly in the world?

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Used Paperback Quantity Available: 1. Bahamut Media Reading, United Kingdom. Seller Rating:. AwesomeBooks Wallingford, United Kingdom. Teranesia Egan, Greg. Published by Victor Gollancz.

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Published by Victor Gollancz, London, England Published by Gollancz Used Soft Cover Quantity Available: 1. The tale is well paced. The development of Prabir's story slows whilst scientific progress advances the plot.

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This leads to a sense of foreboding until the plot regathers, reaching alarming speed in the final pages and hurtling headlong into the back cover. Egan has also managed to pull together the novels themes, recapitulating the story to drive the urgency of the ending. He has taken a brave step into new territory and this is a distinctly visceral, emotional work.

At the same time Egan has retained command of clear writing and profound scientific ideas. Purchase this book from FatBrain. I have to agree, much better than Bear. I don't think I've read any thing of his that I didn't spend more time thinking about than actually reading. The tech he comes up with is amazing and then his ability to extrapolate some of their impact on people is fantastic. I would have thought he was more popular on slashdot, particularly 'Distress'. It seems to me that the idea of Stateless would really appeal to the open source community.

Stateless is an island grown from a seed appropriated from a gen-engineering firm. It declared it's own independence, but isn't generally recognised as a country in it's own right.

Also no real system of government. I have to disagree about 'Permutation City' though. I think it's an excellent treatment of a community of scanned in people and some of the philosophical implications.

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I also liked the whole idea of processing power being treated as a commodity for exchange, kind of a capitalistic extension of distributed. The 'launching' of the virtual worlds might seem a bit abstract to some though. There may be more comments in this discussion. Without JavaScript enabled, you might want to turn on Classic Discussion System in your preferences instead. Migrate from GitHub to SourceForge quickly and easily with this tool. Duncan Lawie has returned with a review of Greg Egan's Teranesia , which continues his string of reviews regarding well-written science fiction.

This novel, a near future adventure, is in Egan's own words, "about evolution, the Indian Rationalists Association, the break-up of Indonesia, quantum mechanics and sex". Click below to read more - and look for next week's review of Cities in Flight. This discussion has been archived. No new comments can be posted.

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Teranesia More Login. More Login. Re:not fist Score: 1. Renn writes:. It's sitting on my filing cabinet, unread as of yet, but I've seen a couple people on the Internet criticize it as not up to Egan's normal standard. This was made worse by my reading it in large paperback softback format, large letters widely spaced - like a kids book! Yes, that's what I thought too. It's not bad, though, but not one of his best. I thought it was better than "Permutation City", for example. Re:Axiomatic Score: 1. In the hope of finding her, Prabir joins up with an independent scientist, Martha Grant, who has come to search for clues to the evolutionary mystery and whatever commercial benefits it might bring to her sponsor.

As Prabir and Martha begin to untangle the secret of Teranesia, Prabir is forced to confront his past, and to face the painful realities that have shaped his life while also dealing with the implications of an unprecedented biological revolution. Nine-year-old Prabir Suresh lives alone with his baby sister, Madhusree, and his biologist parents on a tropical Indonesian isle. Teranesia is so small and remote, it's not on the maps, and its strange native species of butterfly remained undiscovered until the 21st century.

Prabir never wants to leave, but war forces him to flee with Madhusree. He believes he has saved his sister--until she returns to Indonesia, a grad student seeking to carry on their parents' forgotten work, pursuing reports of strange new plant and animal species.

by Greg Egan

Prabir follows, to discover birds and orchids even stranger than the butterflies: mutants that are evidence of frightfully sped-up evolutionary changes with no discernable cause. Campbell Memorial Award. He was widely considered the best SF author of the '90s, and one publication Science Fiction Weekly has named him "perhaps the most important SF writer in the world"--high praise, but not unjustified.

For evidence, check out not only Teranesia , but works like Diaspora , Distress , and Quarantine. Visit Seller's Storefront. Orders can be placed through abebooks. Shipping costs are based on books weighing 2.